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    Dear Summoners,

    In order to improve the quality of the gaming experience and gaming environment for all our players, Go Titans will be merging its servers for the first time: Servers to Merge: S2+S3; in order to prevent the loss of any information, we recommend that you remain offline during the following times

    Servers: Region 2 + Region 3

    Merge Time: 00:00 - 03:00, 09 March 2017 (PST)

    Merge Events: To thank players from S2, S3 for their support and patience, once the servers have been merged, there will be Daily Login mail rewards with 100 Gems & Food box*5 until 13 March 2017. Remember to claim your mail rewards before 23:59 of each single day ;)

    Merge Rules:

    1. Account Merge: If you have the same account in both servers, it doesn’t affect your acco…
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  • S-games admin

    Update Logs

    • Fae Portal LV80 -Unlocked!
    • New System “Achievements” -Unlocked!
    • Facebook Share feature is back!
    • Optimised the duration of the ranking display at the end of the Lucky Spin & Limited Time Event.
    • Removed Costume Exchange Card sets (can get from events instead)
    • New Titan- Orphen (S)

    S Grade Titan——Orphen (Ranged PHY \ AoE DPS)

    Orphen looks like a cold-hearted Titan with murderous looks. But actually he’s a singer who can work magic with his guitar; he’d made an amazing rockstar!

    Titanic Relic:Shattern

    『Achievements System』Unlocked! Complete all tasks to grab rewards!

    The Achievements System is split into Stars Rewards and Achievements. Complete the tasks on the Star Rewards to get the corresponding Stars. The Stars can be exchanged for Achie…

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  • S-games admin

    Event Time 2016-12-01 5:00:00 —— 2016-12-07 23:59:00
    Event Info Login daily to get rewards
    Event TAP Events -- [Timed Login]

    1 10,000 Coins + Surprise Chest*2
    2 10,000 Coins + Surprise Chest*2
    3 15,000 Coins + Furion Shard*3
    4 15,000 Coins + Furion Shard*3
    5 20,000 Coins + Surprise Chest*2
    6 20,000 Coins + Surprise Chest*2
    7 25,000 Coins + Surprise Chest*3
    Furion Grade SS

    The strongest warrior of the consolidated savage tribes, titled the Tribal Champion.

    Surprise Chest Chance to obtain 1 of the following:Gems, Gold Bars, XP Orbs (M), Guardian Bless Orbs, random Grade-S Titan Shards, random Grade-A Titan Shards

    Event Time 2016-12-01 5:00:00 —— 2016-12-06 23:59:00
    Event Info Complete challenge matches at [Divine Arena] to get rewards
    Event TAP Ev…

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  • S-games admin

    Event Time 2016-11-24 5:00:00 —— 2016-11-30 23:59:00
    Event Info Astral Token drops in Campaign during the event. They can be traded for prizes!

    Astral Token

    Festive item dropped in Campaign stages. Used to trade for rewards.

    Event Time 2016-11-24 5:00:00 —— 2016-11-30 23:59:00
    Event Info Collect Astral Token during the event for tradeable rewards!
    Event TAP [Astral Token]

    Redeem List Astral Token Buying Limit
    Riftstone: Joy*2 4 20
    Riftstone: Rage*2 4 20
    Riftstone: Grief*2 4 20
    Riftstone: Bliss*2 4 20
    Tier 2 Evolver*4 4 20
    Tier 3 Evolver*4 4 20
    Tier 4 Evolver*4 4 20
    Grade 2 Material Box*1 4 5
    Grade 3 Material Box*1 5 5
    Tripitaka Shard*2 8 10
    Crucible Shard*1 10 10
    Scarlett Shard*2 10 10
    Celestial Wheel Shard*1 10 10
    Shura Shard*2 20 10
    Shura Shard*2 30 10

    Event T…

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  • S-games admin

    Event Time 8th Nov 05:00 -- 13th Nov 23:59
    Event Info Complete quests to get reward

    30 Gold x 30,000 XP Orb (M) x 3
    80 Grade 2 Material Box x 1 Duck Legs x 1
    130 Gems x 100 Tier 2 Evolver x 10
    200 Gold x 50,000 Grade 2 Material Box x 1
    300 Gold x 50,000 Tier 2 Evolver x 30
    400 Gold x 50,000 Relic Chest x 3
    500 Grade 2 Material Box x 1 Grade 3 Material Box x 1

    Event Time 8th Nov 05:00 -- 12th Nov 23:59
    Event Info Limited time special deal! First come first served!

    Event Time 11th Nov 05:00 -- 12th Nov 23:59
    Event Info During event, get 2x rewards when complete Sanctuary Hevn & Netherim

    Event Time 11th Nov 05:00 -- 13th Nov 23:59
    Event Info Login daily to get rewards

    1 Furion Shard*3 + Suzaku Soul*20
    2 Furion Shard*3 + Genbu…

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  • S-games admin

    CLOSE [01:00, 27th October 2016 PDT] to [02:00, 27th October 2016 PDT]

    Dear summoners: 
    Astral Pup has run away from the home, and Third Eye is in no mood to guard the astral realm. To prevent devils from taking advantage of our weak defense, we have decided to close Heaven's Gate from [01:00, 27th October 2016 PDT] to [02:00, 27th October 2016 PDT]. Players will not be able to enter the game during this 1 hour, please take a break during this period.

    Warm reminder:

    1. Don't forget to log out from the game before 00:00 in order to avoid the data being obliterated;
    2. If you use Guest Account, please bind your account before updating the game to save your game;

    Thanks for your support !

    Googleplay link:👉👉👉
    Wikia: 👉👉👉http://go-titans…

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  • S-games admin

    The Titans were living in the Astral Plane together and enjoying peace in their eternity, each titan performed his own function and carried out his duty. Although some small frictions couldn’t be avoided, they have get on well with each other and lived in harmony as well.

    However, a havoc has befallen towards the plane unexpectedly. Heaven has gotten into a panic, almost all the titans have fallen into a stupor, dominated by a demonic force and became the underlings of Imperius. Only by clearing the evil bosses together with five ally titans and the guardians in every Heaven’s Dungeon, will awaken the dominated titans and save common people.

    Fear of failure? Make and Invite more friends and Team Up in battle fight against the horrible beasts…

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  • S-games admin

    Ready for Adventures!

    October 18, 2016 by S-games admin

    "Go Titans" is an innovative Hero Collection RPG game based on the Unity 3D engine, which combines Japanese cartoon style , armor, aviation and other elements, showing an unprecedented view of an oriental fantastic world .

    Being tempted by the evil , cowardly Imperius has demonized all the heaven. After that, he even send his claws to the human realm to destroy the whole world.

    It’s up to you, the summoners, promote your titans and undermine the Evil plan of Imperius ~

    ♥ Let’s GO , TITANS!

    Please tuned for the latest news of #GOTITANS #FLIGHTCOMBAT

    ✨Coming soon✨

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