Reach Main LV 32 to Unlock


  1. One daily challenge (Resets daily at 05:00).
  2. Labyrinth map is randomly generated each time you enter.
  3. Defeat enemies to get Relics, Relic Shards and other rewards.

Fl. 1 Hall of Good (LV 32) Rules:

  1. Deployed Titan HP and Fury do not reset. ]Fallen Titans are not revived.
  2. You have 30 Steps for each Labyrinth challenge. Moving to previously uncovered spots does not consume steps.
  3. Find the key to each Labyrinth level to descend to the next one. Get 5 Steps for going to the next level.
  4. Win each level's battle to get 3 Badges used to buy buffs at the Badge Shop (only effective in Labyrinth).
  5. Some spots have random events, such as:
  • ① Battle: Defeat enemies to get rewards, or don't, if you abandon the battle or are defeated. 
  • ② Restore: Restore HP and Fury to all Titans. 
  • ③ Status Bonus: All Titans get ATK/DEF bonuses. 
  • ④ Uncover Spots: All spots marked with question marks await exploration.