Reach Main LV16 to unlock

Astral Pup / Flora

Train cute pets to increase Titan BP.


  1. Pets display different moods every 4Hrs. Manage them accordingly to get 30 Pet XP.
  2. You can pet them once every 5 mins for 10 Pet XP. You can pet them 5 times daily.
  3. Complete Dailies and Tripitaka minigames to get Pet Cookies used to increase Pet XP.
  4. Level pets up to unlock pet talents and increase all Titan BP.
  5. Clear Campaign chapters to unlock exploration. You can dispatch Astral Pup to explore and get rewards.
  6. You may only explore in 1 chapter at any time.
  7. To switch between Astral Pup and Flora tap on the left or right arrow.
  8. Home Security will set Astral Pup or Flora as the pet that runs around.
  9. Astral Pup and Flora both have seperate pet timers, so you can pet both 5 times daily.