Coin Summon

Gem Summon


1. At 05:00 daily, you get 5 free Coin Summons.

2. Every 23 hours, you get 1 free Gem Summon.

3. Get a Titan on your 1st Gem summon.

4. Get a Titan with 10x Gem Summon.

5. On your 10th Gem Summon, you'll get a Titan, after which the counter resets.

6. If you summon a Titan you already have, the copy will be automatically disenchanted into Shards.
① 1-Star Titans are disenchanted into 7 Shards
② 2-Star Titans are disenchanted into 14 Shards
③ 3-Star Titans are disenchanted into 25 Shards
④ 4-Star Titans are disenchanted into 49 Shards

Relic Summon Reach Main LV32 to unlockRules:

1. Daily at 05:00, get 1 free Summon.

2. 10x Summon to get Premium Relic Chest.

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