Update Logs

  • Fae Portal LV80 -Unlocked!
  • New System “Achievements” -Unlocked!
  • Facebook Share feature is back!
  • Optimised the duration of the ranking display at the end of the Lucky Spin & Limited Time Event.
  • Removed Costume Exchange Card sets (can get from events instead)
  • New Titan- Orphen (S)
Titan Orphen

S Grade Titan——Orphen (Ranged PHY \ AoE DPS)

Orphen looks like a cold-hearted Titan with murderous looks. But actually he’s a singer who can work magic with his guitar; he’d made an amazing rockstar!

Titanic Relic:Shattern

Update V1-3 09

『Achievements System』Unlocked! Complete all tasks to grab rewards!

The Achievements System is split into Stars Rewards and Achievements. Complete the tasks on the Star Rewards to get the corresponding Stars. The Stars can be exchanged for Achievement rewards! Make you don’t miss out on the opportunity to get your hands on the superb rewards!

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