Normal Stages & Elite Stages

Campaign Stage Grade Info:

  • 3 Stars: No fallen Titans .
  • 2 Stars: 1 to 2 Titans are defeated.
  • 1 Star: >2 defeated Titans.


  • Clear Campaign chapters to unlock respective Chapter Tribute.
  • Only 1 chapter may undergo Tribute at any time.

Random Event

Clear Campaign 2-9 (Sinister Road) to unlock


  • Random events are triggered at regular intervals. At least 8 events are spawned daily.
  • When events reach max of 5, newly-triggered events will overwrite the older ones.

Jokulon Challenge


Clear Campaign 2-5 (Silver Breath) to unlock


  • There are 8 Jokulons. Defeat 1 for the next to appear.
  • Each Jokulon carries treasures aplenty! Defeat all of them for rewards.

Paradiso Flight

Paradiso flight-img

The shuttle is exploring the secret entrance. Treasure is said to be stashed within Paradiso Flight


  • After each Campaign battle win, there's a chance to trigger instantly. Increase the Explore bar as well.
  • When Explore bar is full, you can enter Paradiso Flight.


  • Clear Campaign to increase Paradiso Flight progress. Chance to max out progression bar at once.
  • Clear Paradiso Shuttle stages to get Coins, materials or XP!

Explore Nodes


Each area you occupy spawns an Explore Node. Send out your pet to get rewards.